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Estate planning

We ensure that your needs and desires are accomplished with our customized plans. Let us help you leave your loved ones in the best possible position.

Wills & trusts

By having your affairs in order, you can reduce unnecessary stress, time, and expenses for your loved ones. We carefully explore your objectives to tailor a plan which will best accomplish them. Living trusts avoid probate, reduce disagreements among your beneficiaries, allow oversight of the transfer of your legacy where desired, and preserve your privacy. This is why they are an invaluable part of most estate plans. We guide you through each of the many considerations to craft a plan that will maximize your desires.

Powers of attorney

When incapacity happens, you can rest assured knowing that you have thought through who will make your important decisions. Our financial, healthcare, and mental healthcare powers of attorney can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you and your interests are prepared for the unexpected.

Probate litigation

If as a Trustee or Personal Representative, you are being challenged or are facing a lawsuit, we will represent you and ensure that your interests are protected. If you have concerns that a Trustee or Personal Representative is not acting appropriately regarding an estate that you have an interest in, we can help.

Trust & estate accounting

Not sure how to comply with required Trust and Estate accounting? Let us help.